Where is Hanfelder’s Horseradish??

I like a little horseradish in my salad dressing, and sometimes I put it in tunafish (which I eat a fair amount of), and I usually buy Hanfelder’s. It’s a local brand (Collinsville Illinois, just up the road, is the Horseradish Capital of the actual world and the region is said to produce around 85% of the world’s horseradish. There is, of course, a festival) and it’s a good, utilitarian ground horseradish, plus it comes in a nice glass jar, which is rare these days for anything.

So where is the horseradish?

Several times since the turn of the year I’ve been in various local groceries (both sides of the Mississippi) and they have no horseradish at all. Curious, but I didn’t think much of it at the time, just an item that stayed on the shopping list until next week. Finally, I did find one small jar of an off-brand horseradish, which I bought, and made a small comment about it to the cashier as I was checking out.

“We haven’t gotten any horseradish from anywhere at all for weeks,” said a manager-type from over by the big bottled water and home carpet steaming rental kiosks. “We’ve called, repeatedly, but nothing.” She added that there have been no deliveries of horseradish to anywhere (she manages multiple store locations) since practically Christmas. So I ask: does anyone know what’s going on with the horseradish market here in the St. Louis region? This is bugging me for reasons that I can’t adequately explain.

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