AdAge summarizes the 2019 Meeker report

and maaaaaaan there are some gnarly nuggets in this one, her first non-Kleiner deck. Here’s one that hits the graduate-school semiotician in me: “Text really is a less-than-ideal mode of communication,”  von Scheiner says. “We’re translating ideas and emotions into symbols and hope they’re decoded properly. The more visual our communication platforms become, the better storytelling we as advertisers can do.” (this, in response to the data that >50% of tweets contain images).

And for my tribe specifically: “Despite people spending more time online, digital ad revenue is slowing down: The report says digital ad revenue grew 20 percent, down from 29 percent year-over-year.” Digital advertising has always had more than it’s share of doomsayers and apocalyptics, but at the end, it comes down to something I heard a boss once say: “Money don’t lie.”

Anybody got a link to the deck?

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