Compilation of the most exciting/significant boxing matches between 1894 and 2019.

compiled by a dude named PepperJohn on Reddit.


Courtney vs Corbett – First boxing match ever filmed. View if you like seeing ass.


Dixon vs Leon – Lots of swinging fists, little technique but it’s entertaining.

Gans vs Herman – Chance to see one of the greatest lightweights of all time (Joe Gans) in action; he was the first black world champion, and it’s a treat to be able to watch him.

Johnson vs Burns – Johnson becomes the first black heavyweight champion of the world and defeats Tommy Burns (who was on his 12th defense) after the police stop it 14 rounds in to prevent riots. Must see.


Wolgast vs Nelson – Good fight; was ranked by Ring Magazine in 1996 as the #19 best fight of all time.

Johnson vs Jeffries – Johnson was the first black heavyweight champion of the world and is challenging former world champion James J. Jeffries who many people of the time considered the only person to be able to rival Johnson. Must see.

Johnson vs Willard – Johnson loses his title to the monstrously large Jess Willard (6’6.5 with 83 in reach) by knockout.

Dempsey vs Willard – Dempsey puts on one of the most savage beatings I’ve ever seen en route to become the new heavyweight champion. Must see.


Dempsey vs Carpentier – First million dollar gate in boxing history, Dempseys fights are always exciting.

Wilde vs Villa – The greatest flyweight of all time and the greatest british boxer of all time loses late in his career to Pancho Villa by knockout.

Leonard vs Tendler – Greatest Jewish fighter of all time and one of the greatest lightweights of all time.

Dempsey vs Firpo – In strong contention for the greatest fight of all time; 7 knockdowns and someone flies out of the ring in only 2 rounds. Must see.

Tunney vs Dempsey – The great Jack Dempsey loses his crown to another great in Gene Tunney.

Tunney vs Dempsey 2 – “The long count fight” is all you need to know. Must see.


Sharkey vs Schmeling – Jack Sharkey wins the heavyweight title from Schmeling in a controversial decision.

Baer vs Schmeling – The fight that secured Max Baer a shot at Primo Carnera (the heavyweight world champion at the time) and involved an opponent that you should keep your eye on.

Baer vs Carnera – Carnera was down an astonishing 13 times (12 legitimate, 1 slip) when he lost his title by KO to Max Baer.

Baer vs Braddock – Max Baer loses his title literally the fight after he wins it in one of the biggest upsets in history; topic of the film “Cinderella man”.

Louis vs Schmeling – Louis was 24-0 (20 KO’s) and had easily knocked out both Carnera and Baer and looked unstoppable as a 10-1 favorite, but Schemling put on an excellent performance and beat a fighter who would become one of the greatest heavyweights of all time.

Louis vs Schmeling 2 – Louis gets his revenge in potentially the most politically important boxing match in history. Must see.

Ambers vs Armstrong – Henry Armstrong after winning this fight makes history as the only fighter to ever hold world titles in 3 different weight classes at the same time and establishes himself as one of the greatest fighters of all time.


Baer vs Louis – One of the weirdest fights I’ve ever seen.

Conn vs Louis – Joe Louis is down on the cards and ends up knocking out Billy Conn in what would be regarded as one of the greatest fights of all time. Must See.

Mills vs Harvey – Freddie Mills knocks Len Harvey out through the ropes in what would be Harvey’s last fight (Harvey is perhaps best known for being one of the few people to have fought in every single weight class available).

LaMotta vs Robinson 2 – LaMotta’s only win over Robinson and the only loss Robinson ever sustained until his fight against Randy Turpin (9 years later).

Zale vs Graziano 2 – Ranked the second greatest fight of all time by The Ring in 1996. Not the highest quality footage, but still exciting to watch.

Louis vs Walcott -Joe Louis was on his 24th title defense and looked near unbeatable until stepping into the ring with Walcott. Walcott floored Louis twice and many felt that Walcott was robbed of a decision with Louis himself reportedly felt disgusted with his performance and wanted to leave the ring. Must see.

Zale vs Graziano 3 – Final fight in the most exciting back and forth trilogy of all time.

Louis vs Walcott 2 – Louis clears up the controversy generated by the first round by leaving no doubt as to who the better of the 2 fighters were and securing his 25th title defense (a record that still stands).

Saddler vs Pep – One of the greatest defensive fighters of all time gets knocked out in 4 rounds in the first fight of what would be an iconic tetralogy.


Marciano vs La Starza – The closest Marciano has ever come to being defeated.

Charles vs Louis – Ezzard Charles, despite being champion (since Louis retired) was recognized by almost nobody (largely for sentimental reasons) besides the National Boxing Association. After this fight, Charles was universally recognized as the champion by defeating Louis (who had been out of ring for 2 years and outweighed Charles by more than 30 lbs).

LaMotta vs Robinson 6 – The St. Valentine’s Massacre.

Turpin vs Robinson – Turpin becomes the only man not named LaMotta to beat Sugar Ray Robinson, which hadn’t happened in 9 years.

Charles vs Walcott – Walcott casually knocks out Charles to become the oldest heavyweight champion at 37, a record that would last for 43 years. Must see.

Turpin vs Robinson 2 – Robinson avenges the loss by dominant knockout, proving just how great he really was.

Louis vs Marciano – Marciano knocks out an aging Louis in what would be the latters last fight.

Marciano vs Walcott – Marciano knocks out Walcott to secure the heavyweight crown with what many have referred to as “the greatest punch in boxing history”.

Marciano vs La Starza 2 – Marciano knocks out La Starza (who produced Marciano’s closest fight ever).

Marciano vs Moore – Marciano’s last fight sees him fighting the old mongoose who had knocked him down in the 2nd round with Marciano persevering to score 4 knockdowns en route to a stoppage victory in what would be his last fight. Marciano would be the only heavyweight champion to ever retire undefeated.

D’Agata vs Cohen – After winning this fight D’Agata become the first and only deaf-mute world champion. A perfect pairing for the blind judges and referees that plague our sport today.

Patterson vs Moore – Floyd Patterson KO’s the old mongoose while his wife is giving birth to his daughter to become the youngest heavyweight champion in history until Mike Tyson.

Fullmer vs Robinson 2 – Robinson avenges his UD loss to Gene Fullmer by knocking his ass out.

Durelle vs Moore – Archie Moore and Durelle slug it out with knockdowns exchanged on both sides in one of the most exciting fights in boxing history. Must see.

Johansson vs Patterson – Ingemar Johansson pulls off a big upset by knocking out reigning heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson. Must see.


Johansson vs Patterson 2 – Patterson gets revenge in the FOTY. Must see.

Johansson vs Patterson 3 – Patterson proves he was the better fighter by knocking him out again.

Griffith vs Paret 3 – At the weigh in, Paret infuriated Griffith, a bisexual man, by touching his buttocks and making homophobic slurs. Griffith won the bout by knockout; Paret never recovered consciousness and died in the hospital 10 days later.

Liston vs Patterson – Liston knocks out Patterson in 1 round to win the heavyweight championship.

Liston vs Patterson 2 – Liston knocks him Patterson out in 1 round. Again.

Clay vs Moore – Cassius Clay (who would later change his name to Muhammad Ali) knocks out Archie Moore, who for some reason was still fighting at 46 years old.

Clay vs Cooper – Clay gets knocked down in the 4th round with a viscous left hook and goes back to his corner damaged and with a torn glove. Clay’s trainer (Angelo Dundee) tears open the glove slightly with his finger and then calls the referee over and spends the next 2 or so minutes finding a pair of replacement gloves for Clay. Clay comes out in the 5th round rejuvenated and leaves Coopers face looking like this which forces the referee to stop the contest. Must see.

Liston vs Clay – Clay makes history by defeating Liston in 6 rounds as Liston doesn’t come out for round 7. Clay changes his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali 9 days later. Later declared the fight of the decade. Read up on more of this very important fight [here]( Must see.

Liston vs Ali 2 – Ali (formerly Clay) knocks out Liston in 1 round in one of the most controversial fights in history. Just watch it. Must see.

Ali vs Patterson – Champion Ali knocks out former champion Floyd Patterson who was fighting with a bad back.

Folley vs Ali – This would be Ali’s last fight for more than 3 years because of his refusal to participate in the vietnam war. Read more about that here and here.

Locche vs Fuji – Nicolino Locche puts on of the greatest defensive clinics I’ve ever seen forcing his opponent (Paul Takeshi Fuji) to give up after 10 rounds of hitting virtually nothing but air. Must see.

Napoles vs Cokes – All time great Jose Napoles becomes world welterweight champion by knockout in the 13th round.

Frazier vs Quarry – Future world champion Joe Frazier knocks out Jerry Quarry.

Napoles vs Griffith – Welterweight champion Napoles dominates and scores a big win over Emile Griffith to retain his title.


Frazier vs Ellis – Joe Frazier becomes world heavyweight champion by knocking out Jimmy Ellis.

Ali vs Quarry – Ali’s return fight after being out of the ring for more than 3 years.

Ali vs Frazier – Frankly, this fight is a bit overrated and really should be skipped One of the greatest and most significant fights of all time. Just watch it if you already haven’t. Must see.

Duran vs Buchanan – Roberto Duran wins his 1st world title. Controversial ending.

Ali vs Patterson 2 – Ali knocks out Patterson in what would be the latters last fight. Must see.

Foreman vs Frazier – Foreman utterly annihilates Frazier in 2 rounds to win the world heavyweight championship. First fight ever televised on HBO. Must see.

Norton vs Ali – Norton breaks Ali’s jaw en route to a SD win to become only the 2nd boxer to ever defeat Ali (after Frazier). Must see.

Monzon vs Griffith – One of the greatest middleweights of all time scores a good win over a top class opponent. Must see.

Norton vs Ali 2 – Ali avenges his loss to win by UD.

Frazier vs Ali 2 – Ali beats Frazier in a comparatively unexciting decision win. If you’re going to skip any the Frazier and Ali fights, let it be this one.

Monzon vs Napoles – Monzon scores an easy victory over a great (albeit smaller) fighter.

Foreman vs Norton – Foreman demolishes Norton much in the same fashion as he did Frazier. It appears as if no one can stop the monster that is George Foreman. Must see.

Foreman vs Ali – One of the greatest and most significant fights of all time with Ali’s victory being perhaps the greatest victory of all time. Just watch it if you already haven’t. Must see.

Wepner vs Ali – The boxing match that inspired Rocky.

Napoles vs Muniz – Very controversial. Napoles gets cut and the fight is forced to be stopped because of the cut, yet for some reason he’s given the victory when they check that he is up on the scorecards at the time of the stoppage. Must see.

George Foreman vs 5 different guys – George Foreman after his loss to Muhammad Ali stages an exhibition where he fights 5 different guys in the same night. Purely for the spectacle it’s a Must see.

Ali vs Frazier 3 – One of the greatest and most significant fights of all time. Just watch it if you already haven’t. Must see.

Foreman vs Lyle – One of the most exciting back and forth matches of all time. Must see.

Benitez vs Cervantes – Benitez becomes the youngest world champion ever at 17 years old.

Norton vs Ali 3 – One of the most disputed and controversial wins in boxing. Many believe Norton win, including Ali himself who later stated: “Kenny’s style is too difficult for me. I can’t beat him, and I sure don’t want to fight him again. I honestly thought he beat me in Yankee Stadium, but the judges gave it to me, and I’m grateful to them.” Must see.

Spinks vs Ali – Spinks, a fighter with 7 fights beats Ali by SD to become the undisputed heavyweight champion. Must see.

Holmes vs Norton – Holmes becomes WBC champion after the WBC (aka “We Be Crooks”) vacates the title from Spinks after he chose to rematch Ali instead of fight Ken Norton.

Spinks vs Ali 2 – Ali becomes the only person to become a 3-time heavyweight champion of the world when he beats Spinks in the rematch.

Gomez vs Zarate – Wilfredo Gomez scores his best win ever by knocking out Carlos Zarate in 5 rounds. Must see.

Lopez vs Ayala – Fight of the year; Ayala later admitted to being high during the fight.

Leonard vs Benitez – Sugar Ray Leonard wins his first title by knocking out Benitez in the 15th round. Must see.


Duran vs Leonard – Roberto Duran pulls off one of the greatest wins of all time by beating all time great Sugar Ray Leonard by UD. Must see.

Ali vs Holmes – Holmes batters Ali in one of the most depressing fights in boxing history. Don’t watch this if you have anything resembling compassion for others.

Duran vs Leonard 2 – “No más” Must see.

Sanchez vs Gomez – Excellent fight. Not much more to be said. Must see.

Leonard vs Hearns – Leonard strengthens his legacy by knocking out Hearns in the 14th round. Must see.

Benitez vs Duran – Benitez gets a UD against Duran establishing himself as one of the top fighters in the era of the 4 kings.Must see.

Holmes vs Cooney – Most racially charged boxing match since Jack Johnson’s fights against the numerous “great white hopes”.

Sanchez vs Nelson – Sanchez knocks out Nelson in the 15th round before tragically dying in a car crash less than a month later.

Pryor vs Arguello – Very exciting and very controversial fight. Must see.

Mancini vs Kim – The reason that title fights are 12 rounds instead of 15. Kim died from injuries sustained in the later rounds. Don’t watch this.

Hearns vs Benitez – Another top fight between the kings.

Pryor vs Arguello 2 – Pryor knocks out Arguello in 10 rounds and both men retire after the match.

Duran vs Hagler – Hagler beats Duran by UD in yet another fight between the kings.

Hearns vs Duran – Hearns knocks out Duran with one of the most brutal punches I’ve ever seen. Must see.

Hagler vs Hearns – “The War” is one of the greatest fights of all time with round 1 is in strong contention for the greatest round of all time. Must see.

Spinks vs Holmes – Michael Spinks becomes the first person to go from light heavyweight champion to heavyweight champion, defeating Larry Holmes by UD.

Holyfield vs Qawi – Holyfield wins his first title against probably the toughest 5’7 dude I can think of.

Smith vs Tyson – Tyson unifies the WBC and WBA titles by defeating Smith by decision.

Hagler vs Leonard – Leonard fights the top guy after being out of the ring for 3.5 years and wins a controversial decision. Hagler retires after in disgust. Must see.

Tucker vs Tyson – Mike Tyson becomes the undisputed heavyweight champion at 21 years old.

Tyson vs Holmes – Tyson avenges his hero. Must see.

Spinks vs Tyson – Prime Tyson is a scary dude. Must see.

Hearns vs Leonard 2 – Draw between the kings.

Leonard vs Duran 3 – For some reason Duran decides to fight Leonard after what happened in the 2nd fight and loses a UD.


Douglas vs Tyson – Greatest upset of all time. Must see.

Chavez vs Taylor – Very controversial and exciting fight; Taylor is winning on all the cards and is looking to upset Chavez’s perfect 68-0 record before Chavez rallies in the last round to knock him down with the ref stopping the fight in the last second. Must see.

Douglas vs Holyfield – Holyfield easily won the belts from a man who came into the fight very out of shape and clearly didn’t put anywhere near the effort into this fight as compared to when he fought Tyson.

Graham vs Jackson – Most viscous KO in boxing history. Must see.

Benn vs Eubank – Eubank knocks out his rival in a fight he’ll probably talk about till the end of time.

Holyfield vs Foreman – George Foreman, at 42 years of age is somehow still fighting and giving a good account of himself against the undisputed heavyweight champion. Incredible.

Holmes vs Holyfield – Holyfield seems to be unable to beat these 42 year olds as dominantly as one would expect the undisputed heavyweight champ would.

Bowe vs Holyfield – Great fight and the beginnings of a great trilogy. Must see.

Jones Jr. vs Hopkins – Roy Jones Jr. beats Hopkins in what is one of his best wins in his career. Jones Jr. in his prime was untouchable. **Must see. **

Chavez vs Whitaker – Whitaker dominates and convincingly beats Chavez and yet only walks away with a draw which is the first blemish on Chavez’s resume after 88 fights. R.I.P Pernell Must see.

Bowe vs Holyfield 2 – “The Fan Man Fight”. Still one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Good fight though.

Chavez vs Randall – Randall becomes the first person to “officially” beat Chavez.

Lewis vs McCall – Lewis is upset by journeyman Oliver McCall who was trained by Hall of Famer Emanuel Steward. Must see.

Foreman vs Moorer – Foreman becomes the oldest heavyweight champion at the age of 45. Power truly is the last thing to go. Must see.

Jones Jr. vs Toney – This and Hopkins are Jones Jr.’s best wins. Truly a force in his prime. Must see.

Benn vs McClellan – Very exciting fight but quite sad knowing what happened to the loser afterwards.

Bowe vs Holyfield 3 – Bowe takes it out of the judges hand and secures one his greatest victory. Must see.

De La Hoya vs Chavez – De La Hoya beats an out of prime Chavez in a good, but not great victory.

Bowe vs Golota – Riddick Bowe coming off of his best win ever faces off against unknown Andrew Golota and ends up being thoroughly outboxed and beaten up until for some reason, inexplicably Andrew Golota began throwing numerous low blows until the referee was forced to disqualify Golota. Must see.

Holyfield vs Tyson – Holyfield secures one of the best wins of his career by defeating Mike Tyson (albeit nowhere near as good as he once was). Must see.

Bowe vs Golota 2 – The fighters rematch and Golota has been drilled by his trainers to aim high and avoid going to the body. Golota is winning the fight and is looking to win dominantly until again, for some inexplicable reason, he decides to throw low blows and is disqualified again. Utterly baffling. Must see.

Hamed vs Kelly – The prince puts on a performance worthy of a king. Credit to /u/cg_davefromaccounts for the suggestion.

Lewis vs McCall 2 – Lewis faces off against the only man to have beaten him at the time but the fight quickly veers off to a very bizzare territory in the 5th round as Oliver McCall begins crying in the ring and not engaging with Lewis at all.

Holyfield vs Tyson 2 – Tyson bites Holyfield’s fucking ear! Crazy stuff. Must see.

Holyfield vs Lewis – Lewis convincingly beats Holyfield yet the fight is scored a draw for some reason.

De La Hoya vs Trinidad – Oscar De La Hoya loses a close decision to a top fighter, a sentence that you’ll be hearing quite often in the coming years.

Jefferson vs Harris – Non title fight that’s exciting with an awesome KO finish. Credit to /u/Booker181 for alerting me to this one. Must see.

Holyfield vs Lewis 2 – Lewis gets the nod against Holyfield in a fight that’s closer than the first fight which was called a draw. Must see.


Morales vs Barrera – Erik Morales narrowly outpoints Barrera in what would be the first fight of a very exciting trilogy. Must see.

De La Hoya vs Mosley – Oscar De La Hoya loses a close decision to a top fighter.

Mayweather Jr. vs Corrales – Floyd knocks down and absolutely demolishes Corrales. Mayweather is shaping up to be a real KO artist. Must see.

Hamed vs Barrera – The brawler outboxes the prince (who made people wait 14 minutes before he even got into the ring).

Lewis vs Rahman – Lennox Lewis gets knocked out by another journeyman after not taking the bout seriously. Must see.

Ward vs Augustus – Micky Ward fights in the FOTY (won’t be the first time you’ll hear that phrase). Also this bout was fought on my birthday. Must see.

Hopkins vs Trinidad – Hopkins puts forward the best performance of his career by dominating and knocking out a top fighter in Felix Trinidad. Must see.

Judah vs Tszyu – Dramatic fight with crazy ending. Must see.

Lewis vs Rahman 2 – Lewis avenges his loss against a journeyman in dominant fashion. Again. Must see.

Mayweather vs Castillo – Mayweather’s most controversial fight with Castillo being the only fighter that can say he beat Mayweather without being laughed at. Must see.

Gatti vs Ward – Greatest fight of all time with the greatest round of all time (round 9). Must see.

Jones Jr. vs Ruiz – Roy Jones Jr. makes history by capturing a heavyweight title. If he had retired here he would have been the GOAT.

Lewis vs Tyson – Lewis’s most well known fight but Tyson was really a shadow of his former self. Lewis still did what he had to do.

Barrera vs Morales 2 – Barrera defeats Morales setting up for a 3rd fight.

Mayweather vs Castillo 2 – Mayweather showed who the better fighter really was.

Lewis vs Klitschko – Lewis’s most controversial fight; Lewis was losing the fight until he caused a cut in the 3rd round which only got worse and worse with the ref deciding to stop the fight, much to Vitali’s dismay. Lewis retired after. Must see.

Jones Jr. vs Tarver – Roy Jones finally encounters an opponent that gives him trouble and walks away with a contested decision.

Pacquiao vs Barrera – Pac dominates Barrera and establishes himself to the American boxing public. Must see.

Pacquiao vs Marquez – The first fight in their now infamous tetralogy. Marquez is knocked down 3 times in the first round yet gets a draw after one of the refs miscounted on how many points 3 knockdowns is scored as (3 knockdowns is a 10-6 round. If one of the judges had scored it like that instead of a 10-7 round by accident, then Pacquiao would have won). Must see.

Jones Jr. vs Tarver – “You got any excuses tonight, Roy?” Must see.

De La Hoya vs Hopkins – Hopkins knocks out Oscar with a body shot in what would be the latters only knockout loss and the formers last knockout.

Morales vs Pacquiao – Morales beats Pacman in a very close fight.

Corrales vs Castillo – Diego Corrales beats Castillo in one of the most exciting and crazy fights I’ve ever seen. Must see.

Hatton vs Tszyu – Hatton stops a faded tszyu.

Mayweather vs Gatti – Don’t watch this fight if you like Arturo Gatti; probably one of the most savage beatings I’ve ever seen in the ring.

Hopkins vs Taylor – Hopkins loses by SD to Jermaine Taylor making Jermaine one of the only fighters to own all 4 belts at the same time.

Morales vs Pacquiao – Pacman gets his revenge. Must see.

Calzaghe vs Lacy – Calzaghe defies expectations in a big way and utterly dominates Lacy.

Mayweather vs Judah – Only time Mayweather has ever been down (even if it wasn’t ruled a knockdown) and had a very crazy post fight.

Morales vs Pacquiao – Pacman knocks Morales out. Again. Just to make it official I suppose.

De La Hoya vs Mayweather – Oscar De La Hoya loses a close decision to a top fighter. Must see.

Hatton vs Castillo – Hatton knocks out Castillo, building his case more and more for a fight with Mayweather (which he surely will do well in).

Hatton vs Mayweather – In a shocking surprise, Mayweather won. Must see.

Pacquiao vs Marquez 2 – It’s kind of depressing thinking about all the previous Marquez-Pac fights knowing that they’re all largely irrelevant in the face of what happened in the 4th.

Margarito vs Cotto – Incredibly depressing when it happened, but knowing why it happened just makes me angry.

Calzaghe vs Hopkins – Hopkins loses to a white boy.

Pacquiao vs De La Hoya – Pacman utterly demolished a drained de la hoya. Not pretty to see.

Margarito vs Mosley – Sweet sweet justice. Must see.

Pacquiao vs Hatton – Hide your children from this KO. Must see.

Pacquiao vs Cotto – At his peak, he was a scary fighter. Must see.


Mayweather vs Mosley – In the 2nd round of this fight, Mayweather was the closest he’d ever been to being stopped. Must see.

Klitschko vs Briggs – The worst beating in boxing history.

Pacquiao vs Margarito – Pacman conquers his 8th division and completely batters around a man who really deserves a savage beating. Must see.

Wladimir Klitschko vs David Haye – He’s been quietly dominating a very unexciting heavyweight division. This is one of the few notable matchups.

Khan vs Maidana – Fight of the year between two good, but not great fighters. Credit to /u/Miniq for the suggestion.

Ward vs Froch – Froch gets the beating of a lifetime.

Cotto vs Mayweather – Cotto never really was the same after the Margarito fight, but he put up a great account of himself against one of the greatest fighters ever. Must see.

Bradley vs Pacquiao – Pacman gets robbed.

Bradley vs Provodnikov – Bradley faces an exciting come forward opponent in the FOTY. Must see.

Froch vs Groves – Froch is down for only the 2nd time in his career and comes back to score a controversial knockout. A rematch is arranged and Froch knocks Groves out in front of 80,000 fans at Wembley stadium. Credit to /u/TeaandCrumpetGhoul for the suggestion.

Martinez vs Chavez Jr. – Sergio Martinez is out pointing and looking to win the fight against Chavez Jr. much in the same fashion that Meldrick Taylor was doing, but Chavez Jr. resurrected his father’s spirit for only a moment and looked close to recovering and doing something great. Unlike his father’s fight, Martinez was able to survive and win an easy decision.

Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 – Don’t look. Must see.

Mayweather vs Canelo – Mayweather thoroughly dominates and outclasses the much larger Canelo and produces the finest win in his historic collection. Must see.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao – An overhyped disappointment. The sooner boxing fans forget about this the better.

Canelo vs Cotto – Canelo beats an old cotto while Golovkin is mowing down the rest of the middleweight division.

Klitschko vs Fury – The klit got licked.

Kovalev vs Ward – Kovalev won. Andre’s an ATG but he lost this fight imo.

Joshua vs Klitschko – Very exciting fight, the Klit got licked in a more interesting fashion. Must see.

Kovalev vs Ward 2 – Controversial but Ward really proved the difference in skill.

Horn vs Pacquiao – 117-110. That is all.

Rungvisai vs Gonzalez – I was actually at this fight. Crazy upset, everyone was shocked when it happened.

Mayweather vs McGregor – I’m shocked I tell you, shocked.

Canelo vs Golovkin – Good fight that virtually everyone agrees Golovkin won except it was scored a draw because the judges tend to be biased towards Canelo.

Wilder vs Ortiz – WBC champion Deontay Wilder secures his marquee victory over a former sparring partner of Jack Johnson. Credit to /u/JKoke11 for the suggestion.

Canelo vs Golovkin 2 – Very good fight that could have went either way. Must see.

Wilder vs Fury – Great heavyweight fight between the top 2 guys. Must see.

Ruiz Jr. vs Joshua – Excellent heavyweight fight and a big upset. Must see.


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