The Atlantic Does a Solid Piece on the History of Sealand

“The absurd and remarkable story of Sealand, a “micronation” on an eerie metal platform, tells us plenty about libertarianism, national sovereignty, and the lawlessness of the ocean.”

I love this part: ” In the decades since its establishment, Sealand has been the site of coups and countercoups, hostage crises, a planned floating casino, a digital haven for organized crime, a prospective base for WikiLeaks, and myriad techno-fantasies, none brought successfully to fruition, many powered by libertarian dreams of an ocean-based nation beyond the reach of government regulation, and by the mythmaking creativity of its founding family.”

The idea of interstitial zones, places where the idea of governmental or corporate oversight fades. Distopiac cyberpunk science fiction deals with these ideas a lot (albeit often as not the lawless in CPSF is related technology rather than law). But the underlying idea – freedom from control, from oversight, is a powerful motivator for a certain type of personality, a personality that is becoming increasingly uncommon these days, as government has more tools for surveillance and enforcement, and a seemingly large segment of the public that is comfortable, even supportive, of that.

Book’s out too. I’ve wishlisted it because I’m still on book buying blackout.

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