1986 Stallone movie “Cobra” dissecting and found to be better than expected

‘ Though in theory, Cobra did pretty well, it was still deemed a disappointment in comparison to Stallone’s two mega hits the previous year. Critics were quick to dig the boot in on Stallone’s ego project, yet another trash film from Cannon and they went in without much refrain on the acting merits of Brigitte Nielsen. Deemed there purely by association and legs, over talent.  The film received a host of Razzie nominations, which in that era became par for the course for Stallone, whilst Nielsen had a perfect three for three record of Razzie recognition for her first films (beginning with Red Sonja and Rocky IV). For a few years it was something of a forgotten blot on Stallone’s CV, though did very well on video. As years have gone by though, there’s been an increased appreciation for Cobra, in part for its blistering and lithe simplicity.”

It’s a fantastic movie, simple and direct; Reni Santoni is excellent as always.

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