‘Scanners’ at 40: Michael Ironside’s Explosive Performance as One of Cronenberg’s Best Villains

from Bloody Disgusting: “Revok marked one of Ironside’s earliest roles in a prolific career dotted with numerous baddies and villainous turns. The actor excels at tough-guy roles; his adept ability to portray icy, cunning characters makes him well-suited for chilling villains or fierce allies. Revok falls in the former category, imbuing much-needed stakes and danger in a cerebral thriller that spends most of its focus on a much meeker protagonist. Comparatively, Ironside isn’t on screen all that much, but he makes every scene count. The exploding head a mere fifteen minutes into the runtime remains an all-timer for practical effects reasons. It’s also an iconic and vulgar display of power by one of Cronenberg’s best villains.”

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