Medium-hard take-down of Logan’s Run

A couple of good shots, but this was the best one: “On May 25, 1977, practically one year to the day of Logan’s Run’s release, Star Wars debuted in theaters in the U.S.”

‘From its very first frames, George Lucas’ space fantasy declared itself the polar opposite of the hectoring, grim speculations Hollywood had been turning out. Instead of a dehumanized, quasi-“futuristic” synthesizer score, audiences were greeted by John Williams’ rousing, orchestral fanfare. The settings eschewed a designer’s fitful prognostication of what a future might look like for something realer, scrappier, more lived-in; the tech felt substantial and credible (so long as you could accept that androids might manifest the personalities of eight-year-old savants or fussy English manservants). And, most of all, it was fun.”

Holy Shit You Fucking Killed Her Dude

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