Audiophile Style: The Best Version Of: Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly

“Its status has scarcely diminished in the intervening four decades. The Nightfly still prompts extensive discussion on the audio-related interwebs, and it regularly turns up as audition material in gear reviews in the pages of Stereophile (and Audiophile Style). In 1997, cognitive psychologist, producer, and writer Daniel Levitin included The Nightfly in his list of “high-fidelity masterpieces.” Likewise, when the BBC asked Sound on Sound’s editor-in-chief Paul White in 2006 what the best recording ever was, he replied “that’s so hard,” then landed on The Nightfly. This past November, KEF produced its own list of the “Top 24 Best Sounding Pop Albums of All Time.” The Nightfly came in seventh.”

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