SMX packages up the usual suspects, calls them “search trends”

No new ice getting cut here.

  • “Proactive over reactive analysis” (LOL). “Westman recommends always having key metrics top of mind as clients and stakeholders want to know how they’re stacking up, but also because it should be the lens through which you view a lot of your daily PPC tasks.”
  • “Privacy and attribution” (There’s a safe bet). “With cookies on their way out and Apple requiring explicit permission for data tracking within apps, it’s more critical than ever that marketers make the case for requesting user data, begin the collection of first-party data, and ensure that we’re transparent about how we use it.” Which is actually not stupid but not exactly earth-shatteringly insightful.
  • “Stakeholder communication” (LOL). “One key way to stay proactive about what’s going on in paid search is to have a set reporting and communication scheduling so your key stakeholders know when they can expect updates, news, and KPIs.”
  • “Automation” (OMG). “… with ad tools evolving toward machine learning and automation, it’s critical that we catch on, catch up, and take advantage of how we can use it in our processes.”
  • “Digital commerce flywheel” (buh what now?). “…the consumer doesn’t just smoothly go from top-of-funnel to bottom-of-funnel, but moves in and out of each phase as they collect data, make touchpoints, engage with content and channels, and finally make a purchase.”

So yeah: gobblygook, stuff everyone knows, stuff no one knows, and a few select buzzwords of note.

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