Great interview with the head of the NYC Antiquities Theft Task Force

And he, in his very proper British accent said, “What if I say no?” 

And I just chuckled because I’d never—no one had ever actually said that before in all these years of search warrants. “What if I refuse?” I had two detectives with me. One of my detectives was like a third generation Irish cop, the kind of guy who would if you see him on the beach in a bathing suit, you go up to him and say, “Excuse me, officer,” right?  He just smells of cop. And I turned to the detective because he had taken a step forward and I said, “Tommy. Tommy, deep breaths. Deep breaths. We’re good.” And then I said to the guy, “I don’t—I guess you’ll be arrested? I mean, I don’t know what to say. You just, it’s a hypothetical, right? But yeah, that would actually be a crime.” He proceeded to curse me out with some of the most elegant phrasing, it was pretty colorful.

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