Woman Reports Winged Humanoid, UFO in Rockford, Illinois

Shana told investigator Tobias Wayland that the creature reminded her of the character Marcus from the film Underworld, because of its humanoid appearance and batlike wings.

It was massive; like, hunched over, when it was coming out of the canal, it looked like the size of our dumpster that we have in the back of our apartment building. It was huge. I have no clue what to even compare it to. It was super tall and big. When it walked, when it was on the ground, it was like hunched over and crouched, it looked like this massive blob,” she said. “When it initially left the ground, it flapped [its wings], and it wasn’t a super-fast flap, because the wings were so big. The canal goes down into a more vegetative spot, so we lost sight of it there.”

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